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To help raise awareness for our chosen charities.

To help raise funds for our chosen charities.

 Your box will be filled with sweets crisps and chocolate (cans/bottles of pop on request). The value of our standard box is around £15 - £20, (the value is stated on the front flap of the box lid). Bespoke box values will vary. We can tailor your box to meet your preferences just let your collector know what you would like to see in your box or contact us on the link below. 

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​​​Hello and welcome to Handy Treats here you will find out what you want to know about us and the charities we are supporting this year. We have provided direct links to each of the charities on our charity page to make it easy to contact, donate and find out information. We at Handy Treats Limited take great pride in working to raise funds for charity which is why we supply only top quality products to our clients and aim to give up to 60% of our profits to our chosen charities every year.

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Handy Treats office hours run Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm, (closed bank holidays). But not to worry you can always get in touch via our  contact  page or text/leave a voice mail message, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Handy Treats will be uploading items that we are selling on Ebay here on this site for you to view, you can contact us via Ebay or our contact links if you wish to make a purchase or ask a question on a specific item.   

Handy Treats is happy to announce we will be supporting Guide dogs and Happa for another year. ​​Where possible we will now support our chosen charities for a two year period.

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Guide Dogs demonstration Friday 2nd June 2017

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Guide dogs are looking for volunteers  click for more info.

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