Frequently asked questions

Is everything £1

No, prices start from as little as 50p, we have been known to go as low as 20p.

What areas do you cover?

The Northwest at present but please drop us an Email to check when we'll be in your area.


Can I have more than one box?

Yes, you can have as many boxes as you can eat.

Can I make requests for certain items in my next box?

Yes, you can order any products that you like and if we have them in stock we will fill your next box with your requests.

How often can I have my box changed?

Your collector will be with you every three to four weeks but if you empty your box sooner or wish to have your box changed you can Email, text or call and your collector will aim to be with you within 3 working days.

Can I make a personal donation directly to a charity?

Yes you can, either click on the links provided on our site or you can give your donation to your handy treats collector and we will forward it on to your chosen charity. Proof of donation will be provided.

Can I nominate a charity for Handy treats to support?

We welcome any suggestions for charities. We change our charities every year and aim to help as many charities as possible.