Handy Treats Ltd will not save any details of yours placed on our contact form. Handy Treats Ltd will never pass any details sent via our contact form to any third parties and your information will never be misused. When Handy Treats collectors come to your workplace/office to place a box for the first time they will ask for a compliments slip/confirmation of address this is so that future collectors know where you are based. The address of your company will be retained by Handy Treats Ltd on a secure database whilst you remain a customer. If you leave the service we will delete all information. Handy Treats Ltd does not pack any products please see individual wrappers for information on allergens/nut content. Be aware Handy Treats Collectors can be identified by the Handy Treats Ltd workware and identification badges, please do not allow anyone without this to handle our box. If you have any questions or wish to confirm an employee's identity feel free to contact us. whilst the box is in your workplace Handy Treats Ltd holds no responsibility for any damage that may occur where the box is placed. Please be aware that chocolate is prone to turning white when fluctuations of temperature occur. Whilst Handy Treats Ltd strives to maintain a constant temperature whilst being stored and transported we hold no responsability to any changes that occur due to workplace temperatures. All our employees are CRB checked and uphold strict health and safety guidelines, please be aware that Handy Treats Ltd takes no responsibility to any damage that occurs as a result of an employee being in your workplace. When a collector enters your premises please make them aware of your Health and safety procedures.


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