A selection of pic n mix style sweets

So much more available from 30p to £1, if you have a sweet tooth your in the right place

Bigger bags like these are perfect for when your short on time and feeling hungry

Vegan, wheat,Gluten free Popcorn

  Sweet treats


All items subject to availability

New lines at Handy treats

Here at Handy Treats we strive to bring you the latest products, we constantly change our stock lines although some popular lines we will always stock where available.

Sugar free and full sugar drinks available

All the latest chocolate bars and some rare one's

 subject to availability.

From sweets to drinks, chocolate to crisps, cakes to flapjacks, Handy Treats has got it all, we are just a phone call away!

Health and protein 
Large bags priced at £1

A great selection of drinks available, Bottles priced £1 or less, cans priced at 50p, many more options to choose from

A wide variety of crisps and savory snacks to choose from 

Vegan and gluten free products

Standard bags priced at just 50p

Examples of items we sell on eBay

Large bags priced at £1

Many more options to choose from